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Amazon Pay पर Merchant का Offer आ चुका है और इसमें Cashback भी दिया जा रहा है तो यदि आप Cashback Earn करना चाहते है तो इस पोस्ट को ध्यान से पढ़े।

Amazon Pay Merchant Offer

Amazon Pay क्या है (What is Amazon Pay in Hindi)

Amazon एक Shopping App है जिस पर घर बैठे shopping किया जा सकता है। Amazon App पर Amazon Pay का एक Option है जो Bhim UPi से Connect है जिससे आप किसी के भी Bhim UPI पर अपने Bank Account से Money Transfer कर सकते है। यदि आप Amazon App Install करना चाहते है तो नीचे दिए लिंक से कर ले।

Amazon App Download

Amazon Pay Merchant क्या है (What Amazon Pay Merchant)

यदि आपके पास कोई Business है और आप Shop चलाते है तो आप Digital Fund Transfer का उपयोग करके Payment तो accept करते ही होंगे। जैसा कि Paytm Merchant और Phonepe Merchant App से Mobile से Payment Accept होता है।

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Earn ₹14 Daily Using Amazon Pay Merchant Offer

  1. आपके पास Agent Verified Amazon Merchant Account होना जरूरी है। यदि अपके पास नहीं है तो आप Amazon Delivery Boy से बना लीजिए।
  2. आपको Daily 2 Different User से किसी भी UPI App से आपके Amazon Merchant Qr पर 30rs से अधिक तक का Payment Accept करना होगा।
  3. UPI App से आपके Amazon Merchant Qr पर 2 Payment Accept करने के 72 hours के बाद आपके Amazon Pay App पर 14rs का Cashback मिल जायगा।
  4. आपको Daily Different-Different User से Payment Accept करना होगा।

Amazon Merchant Offer Date:

यह Offer प्रत्येक Amazon Merchant User को 8th March 2020 से 9th April 2020 तक मिलेगा।

Terms & Conditions Of Amazon Pay Merchant Offer :

1. This limited term promotional offer (“Offer”) is provided to you by Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited (“Amazon”).

2. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions (“Offer Terms”) if you avail the Offer. These Offer Terms are in addition to Conditions of Use & Sale and Privacy Notice to which you agree to by using or mobile application or mobile site thereof (collectively, “”). To the extent the Conditions of Use & Sale are inconsistent with these Offer Terms, these Offer Terms shall prevail with respect to the Offer only.

3. You may avail this Offer only if you are enrolled as a merchant with Amazon and are resident in India. This offer is valid only for merchants registered by an authorized Amazon agent in select cities.

4. The Offer is valid from March 8, 2020 to April 9,2020 (both days included) (“Offer Period”), unless revoked or extended by Amazon, in their sole discretion, without any reason or prior notice, and without liability.

5. Subject to compliance with these Offer Terms, any merchant who:

(a) Enrolls himself/herself as a merchant with Amazon by an Amazon whitelisted agent.

(b) Accepts a UPI transaction.

(c) Transaction Value greater than or equal to INR 30 for sale of his/her products,
from the customer by scanning Amazon merchant QR code and paying through UPI payment method (“Eligible Payment Method”) will be eligible for receiving a cashback of INR 7 per transaction, subject to a maximum cashback of INR 28 per day for four transactions.
Each such merchant is hereinafter referred to as “Eligible Merchant”.

6. The cashback will be provided to the Eligible Merchant in the form of Amazon Gift Card, issued by QwikCilver Solutions Private Limited, redeemable as Amazon Pay balance in the account of the Eligible Merchant. The use and redemption of the gift card(s) and the use of Amazon Pay balance will be governed by the applicable terms and conditions.

7. The cashback (under this Offer) will be provided to the Eligible Merchant within 3 working days of him/her meeting the criteria mentioned under Section 5 above.

8. It is hereby clarified that for a transaction to qualify under this Offer, the entire payment must be made using the Eligible Payment Method. Transaction undertaken by customers using a mode of payment other than the Eligible Payment Method, or multiple payment methods, including the Eligible Payment Method, will not qualify under this Offer.

9. Amazon reserves the right to add/alter/modify/change or vary all of these Offer Terms at any time, without prior notice, without liability, and without assigning any reason whatsoever, or to replace (wholly or in part) this Offer by another offer, whether similar to this Offer or not.

10. In case a customer cancels or revokes the payment of his/her purchase transaction made through the Eligible Payment Method, such transaction will not qualify under this Offer. Such cancellation or revocation may be for any reason whatsoever.


Amazon Merchant Offer, Amazon Pay Merchant Offer, Amazon Merchant Scan Pay Offer, Amazon Pay Merchant Accept Payments Offer से सम्बंधित सभी जानकारी दिया गया है। यदि आपको यह जानकारी पसंद आए तो अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करे।

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